In order that all merchandise which are subject to an import and/or export operations meet with all Regulations and Non-Tariff Restrictions (RRNA), which vary depending on the tariff classification for all merchandise based on the Tariff of the Law of General Importation and Exportation Duties (TIGIE). Procedures that have to be carried out at the government organizations such as: PROFEPA, SEMARNAT, COFEPRIS, etc.


This service is essential for all kinds of companies that carry out import and export operations, since if they do not fulfill with these regulations and non-tariff restrictions, they will not be able to import and/or export their merchandise.


  • Foreign trade operations involve plenty of elements, such as the importer, exporter, customs agency, carrier, among others.
  • With the purpose of speeding up such operations we have specialized software such as LaserFiche, which allows that all information and documents flow in a correct manner on time and accordingly.




  • Many companies, depending on the volume of their imports and frequency of their operations, already have a department in charge of such management, but some do not. While having this type of services, at Grupo 365 we emphasize quality and experience, so that our clients place their trust in us, guaranteeing the success of their foreign trade operations.



  • Grupo 365 provides trained personnel within the companies so they take care of all procedures and follow-up of shipments. In addition, due to our strategic alliances, we are a company that provides outsourcing; we connect our clients with providers of additional services that they might require during their foreign trade operations, such as transportation services, merchandise insurance, etc.




  • Department of Management and Foreign Trade Procedures: We guarantee that the merchandise to be imported and/or exported meet all regulations and non-tariff restrictions.
  • Outsourcing Services: Product of our strategic alliances with other companies part of our Group. Our clients have reliable options that solve any problem that might arise during foreign trade operations.
  • Additional In-house Service: We guarantee that the company fully relies in the success of its operations while having within his company trained and focused personnel for its shipments.




  • This department is located in Mexico City, we manage and coordinate from there procedures required by foreign trade operations at the different customs of the country.
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