Particular focus and customized attention that we provide to these customers in their operational process through the several ports in which they carry out their foreign trade activities, as well as the organization, distribution and delivery of their goods at the port, have allow us to gain their trust and ensure success.
For being one of the industries that has joined the modality of Strategic Bonded Warehouse. The continuous expansion of production plants in the automotive sector has allowed the development of Grupo 365 as Customs Brokers, by establishing a system for their operations since it is an industry that requires diligence and highly strict controls in their foreign trade operations, as well as a higher quality service with instant answers and solutions.
This represents the backbone to guarantee supply of materials for this industry on time and in due manner. The solid relations that we have achieved with this business sector is a result of our constant assessment procedures of their operations, in favor of continuous improvement and the possibility of providing additional benefits which amount to total customer satisfaction
The main reason for which our work relation has strengthened with them is the immediate response that we provide upon any information request and/or performance of solutions for each one of their operations. This is why we have become a main Logistics and Customs services provider for this industry.
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