•I. LOGÍSTICA 365 S. DE R.L. DE C.V. with address at Av. Cordillera de los Andes No. 105, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, México Distrito Federal, C.P. 11000, based on the provided in the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals and the applicable regulations, it is responsible for collecting your personal data and the use provided to the same.
•II. We commit to the safekeeping and protection of your data with the proper technological and physical means in order to prevent its loss, misuse, modification or theft, at the same time, not to sell, lease, share or disclose your personal information to third parties with illegal purposes or for purposes contrary to the interests of its holder.
•III. Your personal data such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, signature, age, nationality, Federal Taxpayers’ Registry and Unique Population Registry Code as applicable, as well as all documents provided directly by you, through intermediaries such as transportation or logistics companies, or being obtained directly from our personnel or through traffic executives either personally, by phone or through electronic means, such data will be used to: a) identify, b) locate, c) communicate and c) carry out the foreign trade operations entrusted to us by you acting as legal representative of the company to which we provide services and to inform the performed procedures.
•IV. This company is liable for such personal data, therefore the safekeeping of such information will be considered as classified, to which it will only have access authorized personnel of LOGÍSTICA 365 S. DE R.L. DE C.V. Such data will only be used for purposes indicated in the previous item.
•V. At all times, the holder may have access, modify, cancel, oppose and/or revoke the consent provided to us for the management of his personal data, so that we stop using the same. In a maximum period of 10 days you will receive the confirmation of your request.

You hereby agree to maintain in strict confidentiality any information you receive or have access, from time to time, either orally, in writing, digitally or by any other means, including, by way of enunciation but not as limitation, processes, logistics, financial, economical, accountant, legal, operative information, information contained on operation manuals, work procedures, mechanisms, materials, techniques, planning, media, strategies; technical, commercial, administrative, labor and industrial secrets; lists of clients, lists of suppliers, as well as any other kind of secret and any other information you may have access. In view of the foregoing the Parties compels themselves pursuant with the provisions of Article 85 of the Industrial Property Law, is hereby in full acknowledgement of its obligation of confidentiality and therefore binds itself to keep in secrecy and not to copy or disclose, in any manner whatsoever, to any non-related third party beyond the contractual relationship, the Confidential Information the Parties must use such Confidential Information solely for the benefit of any requested and refrain from using it for any other act not directly related with the performance of their duties. The same will apply to E- mails sent and received that contain confidential information.
Likewise the electronic transfers of money, Grupo 365 recognizes as exclusive property of the client all documents and provided information in connection with the performance of the services subject matter of this Agreement, therefore Grupo 365 is compelled to keep them in good conditions and to deliver them to the client at the moment the client requires it, provided this process does not obstruct the process of the render of the services or there is no legal impediment, or when this Agreement is terminated for whatever reason, Grupo 365 shall not disclose any of the aspects of the client’s business, nor to provide to third parties in verbal or in writing any kind of information about systems, processes or activities of any kind, and in general, the Confidential Information; even further, Grupo 365 shall deny access to Grupo 365’s facilities to any person that does not evidence having acquire the confidentiality obligations set forth under this clause.
In case of rescission or termination of the agreement between the client and Grupo 365 for any reason whatsoever, or if Grupo 365 no longer renders the services for the client, Grupo 365 will still be bound to the confidentiality obligation set forth herein and will immediately return to the client all originals and copies of the Confidential Information or any other information disclosed or that for any other reason is in possession of Grupo 365. The confidentiality obligation provided hereto shall continue binding during all the time this Agreement is in full force and effect and for a period of 5 (five) years thereafter. Both Parties acknowledge that a breach of the confidentiality duty herein provided can cause damage to the other Party, thus in case of a violation of this duty, the affected Party will be able to terminate this Agreement pursuant with Clause Sixteenth of this Agreement, regardless of the penalties that may be imposed in accordance with Articles 210, 211 and 211 bis of the Mexican Federal Criminal Code and other related articles of the different Criminal Codes for the Republic of Mexico, as well as the provisions contained in articles 82 to 86, 86 bis 1, 223 sections IV, V, and VI of the Industrial Property Law. In this act, the Parties hereby acknowledge the confidentiality warning with respect to the Confidential Information.

You may choose the manner to communicate with us; either by phone or through written letter addressed to any of our offices, in order to determine the use that LOGÍSTICA 365 S. DE R.L. DE C.V. applies to your personal data. Correction: You may modify the provided data, with the purpose of updating your record with the company, at any time, through a notice in order to know the terms in which such correction was made.

You may ask us to cancel or unregister your data as long as there is a justifiable reason for such action and you do not have any balance due to pay to LOGÍSTICA 365 S. DE R.L. DE C.V.

In case that you do not have any relation or legal obligation with us and decide not to hire any of our services on behalf of your represented party, you may exercise this right by not sharing any data.
In case you have any doubt or wish to exercise any of your previously mentioned rights, you may contact us to the following phone number: 01 (55) 5520-4690, your personal data may be transferred and handled within and out of the country by others than LOGÍSTICA 365 S. DE R.L. DE C.V. Therefore, your information may be shared with shipping companies, carriers, IM Customer Services, foreign exchange companies, maneuvering companies, insurance companies and other service companies that collaborate with us in order to provide you our foreign trade services.

Any modification to the present privacy notice shall be notified through our web page: http://www.grupo365.mx/avisodeprivacidad.php

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